The University of Oxford is one of the best educational institutes in the world and is aspired to be a part of by millions of students around the globe. This prestigious institute has been attended by various world leaders, scientists, sportsmen, philosophers, and successful personalities. It is the world’s second oldest university that is in continuous operation till date and the oldest English-speaking university. There are historic findings of teaching traced back to around 1902.]

With the university being in high demand amongst students, most of whom find it difficult to move places and participate in campus or offline courses, Oxford provides certain courses that can be studied completely or mainly online. These are made flexible and convenient for students who might also be working side by side or might have other commitments at hand which restrain them from attending a full-time online course. These online courses include a few degree programs and also short courses that reward the students with certificates. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, these facilities have opened a number of learning opportunities for students and teaching faculties that might be wishing to expand their expertise.

Online courses offered:

Undergraduate programs that are offered for online study include an undergraduate diploma in creative writing, an undergraduate certificate in higher education, an undergraduate advanced diploma in local history, Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in IT Systems Analysis and Design, and a foundation certificate in English literature. Online postgraduate programs include a postgraduate certificate in nanotechnology, postgraduate diploma in paediatric infectious diseases, and Masters in the design of history. Students who successfully finish the course are awarded Oxford University’s certificate of higher education and transferable credit points. Exceptionally well-performing students get a distinction. These courses on completion offer various credit points that are the same as the offline study programs although they don’t qualify for an undergraduate degree from Oxford. These points are transferrable to other institutes easily which will be helpful for the student to obtain an actual undergraduate degree.

Oxford also offers a plethora of courses for professionals in online learning programs. These course outlines are flexible and convenient to study and finish alongside other commitments. These courses offer interaction with professionals and several short courses that are available online and also live. Some of these courses include Digital and wireless communications, Branding, and marketing, managing innovative technology, effective leadership through emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence: cloud and edge implementations, starting a successful business, Introduction to statistics for health care research, digital signal processing, Insomnia, and various others.

Short online courses are made available for students which constitute lecture series and hybrid teaching. These courses are in areas of history, technology, communication, engineering and sciences, economics, and various other fields. Students are rewarded with certificates on finishing the programs. Some of the examples include Branding and marketing, legal records for local historians, Getting started in creative writing, Greek mythology, etc.

All students are expected to do the coursework allotted in these courses, but only the paid candidates are eligible for certificates and CAT points.

In the Live-time weekly classes offered by Oxford, students are expected to attend a live session weekly which includes interacting with professors and Q&A sessions. These courses have 6,11, or 21 meetings, and some courses might also be recorded for later reference. These courses are in the fields of history, dramatic arts, sports, economics, etc.

The examples of various courses offered in Live time weekly classes include Economics and Ethics, Five great religions of the world, Musical analysis, and various others. Most of these courses offer transferrable credits as well.

Day and weekend events are another forms of online study program offered by the university wherein a topic is explored in depth in one or two days with the help of various workshops and hybrid teaching experiences. These also include live and interactive sessions with professionals and resource materials provided for further studies. Most of these events include no coursework. These events are usually in conjunction with various national organizations. These vents are offered in the areas of history, language, IT, music, etc. Some of the notable courses include Moral dilemmas, early Chinese philosophy, German and Spanish literature, English, and psychology.

Application requirements for undergraduate and graduate study program :

These requirements mainly depend on the specific course taken although most of them require the student to submit their resume, a statement of purpose, and also an essay. Since the university is not offering online undergraduate or graduate degrees, it doesn’t need transferable credit points or any exam scores. This makes the programs accessible to a greater number of students looking for opportunities to expand their knowledge.

Cost of studying online in undergraduate and graduate programs at oxford:

The costs for each course are different and they’re also different for overseas students and for the students that live in Home, Islands, and Republic of Ireland. For overseas students, the starting price is around 2000 euros, while for home students it is 1000 euros. Certain costs like application fees may be waived. These costs might or might not include a technology few depending upon the course you take the costs of the resources the university has to afford to bring it to you.

Oxford offers a variety of online learning programs that are flexible and offer various options for the students to choose from. Oxford doesn’t offer an online degree but these courses offer certificates and transferable credit scores which are extremely crucial in continuing further studies in the same or related fields.

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